Current course offerings at the University of Freiburg, Faculty of Biology

Semester Course Title Course Number Module organizer(s) Degree program(s)
Winter Python für die Biowissenschaften PM-21 Straw BSc Bio
Winter Foundations of Neuroscience OM-5 Mehring MSc Bio, MSc Neuro, JMN
Summer From Sensation to Behaviour SP01-05 Reiff MSc
Summer Bioinformatics WM-01 Straw MSc Bio, JMN
Summer Neurobiology in genetic model organisms WM-13 Reiff MSc Bio, JMN
Summer Cognitive Neurosciences WM-05 Kornmeier and Heinrich MSc Bio, MSc Neuro, JMN

Abbreviations: BSc Bio: BSc Biology, MSc Bio: MSc Biology, MSc Neuro: MSc Neuroscience, JMN: Joint Master of Neuroscience

In addtiion to the above, we participate in occasional individual lectures and seminars at the Technical Faculty. Additionally, we offer interships and thesis opportunities for bachelor's and master's students.