Current course offerings at the University of Freiburg, Faculty of Biology

SemesterCourse TitleCourse NumberModule organizer(s)Degree program(s)
WinterPython für die BiowissenschaftenPM-21StrawBSc Bio
WinterFoundations of NeuroscienceOM-5MehringMSc Bio, MSc Neuro, JMN
SummerFrom Sensation to BehaviourSP01-05ReiffMSc
SummerBioinformaticsWM-01StrawMSc Bio, JMN
SummerNeurobiology in genetic model organismsWM-13ReiffMSc Bio, JMN
SummerCognitive NeurosciencesWM-05Kornmeier and HeinrichMSc Bio, MSc Neuro, JMN

Abbreviations: BSc Bio: BSc Biology, MSc Bio: MSc Biology, MSc Neuro: MSc Neuroscience, JMN: Joint Master of Neuroscience

In addition to the above, we participate in occasional individual lectures and seminars at the Technical Faculty. Additionally, we offer internships and thesis opportunities for bachelor's and master's students.