Braid - multi-camera acquisition and tracking software

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Braid is multi-camera acquisition and tracking software. It is useful for 3D tracking of animals, robots, or other moving objects. It operates with low latency and is suitable for closed-loop experimental systems such as virtual reality for freely moving animals.

Individual cameras are controlled with Strand Camera for low-latency 2D tracking without the use of markers and video recording to disk. Braid synchronizes multiple copies of Strand Camera and provides low-latency 3D tracking.

Braid is the successor of flydra, and is the result of a rewrite focused on performance, ease of use, and flexibility.


  • Hardware synchronized multiple camera acquisition using our open source hardware triggerbox
  • All per-camera features from Strand Camera
  • Realtime marker-free 3D tracking of multiple animals
  • Web based user interface allowing easy remote control
  • Integrated Python scripting


The documentation for Braid (and Strand Camera) is here.


Releases are provided via GitHub.

Supported operating system

Ubuntu Linux (64 bit Intel/AMD) is supported. We test internally on macOS and Windows.


Braid is free and open source software.


Support is offered on a best effort basis via the github repository or the online forum. Contact Andrew Straw regarding for potential availability for collaboration or custom development.